New Meade LX200GPS come with a 1-year warrantee.  To the best of our knowledge, Meade's current warrantee policy is to tolerate modifications on in-warrantee scopes.  However if they believe that the customer damaged the scope during the modification the warrantee is voided and the customer will be charged for the repair. 

It is also our understanding that Meade will now leave all installed upgrades in place on the scope rather than removing them and returning the scope to itís "as shipped from the factory condition".   

Even though it is no longer necessary to change out upgrades before returning a scope to Meade for repair, it is recommended that you save all original Meade parts removed from your scope, along with all instructions and extra parts from modification kits.

Pete Peterson   September 21, 2004                                                        

The actual wording of Meade's warrantee is quite strict.  It reads in part ".....This warranty is not valid in cases where the product has been abused or mishandled, where unauthorized repairs have been attempted or performed......"   Meade's customer service people have been saying to leave the Peterson upgrades in place on a return - it's not a problem.  But because of a one time Aug '05 problem experienced with one customer service representative who considered voiding a 3 year extended warranty due to an EZ Focus and EZ Clutch having been installed we reluctantly recommend not mentioning any upgrades to the  customer service rep.   I'm sorry.  I'm not trying to slip something by anyone.  Meade's reps just aren't familiar with these scopes and frequently don't know what you're talking about.  (The problem in this case was actually a completely unrelated electrical failure that occurred months after the clutch and focuser had been installed.  And the service rep did eventually accept the scope under warranty).  Some of Meadeís customer service people are better than others and it's just best not to tempt fate.

Pete Peterson   August 9, 2005