Customer modifications to the EZ Binoc Mount Kit

George Huftalen, Jr. of Warren RI has made numerous refinements to his  mount.  Note the red dot finder mounted on his Zhumell 25X100s.

Mount refinements include:

  Bicycle grip cut to fit nipple for enhanced protection against swiveling (yaw);

·         Bicycle grips all over the place to make operating and dismantling easier;

·           White rubber feet to facilitate turning pipe caps and removing weights and for safety—bumping heads, etc.;

·         Velcro  for star charts on crossbar; and

·         Velcro for flashlight and laser.




“My large binos are great for astronomy—comets, Globs, double stars and even planets. But the EZ Binoc Mount makes them useful and portable. This mount was a great hit at the Connecticut Star Party!” 










Adding grips to the base legs simplifies disassembly for transport.






Dan Lange, Schenectady NY   

First off, I LOVE my new mount.  My only problem is when I go to take my binoculars (25x100) off I like to use 2 hands.   Here is a quick, easy and cheap way to fix that.  I used a clamp, just like the weight ones, and connected a metal ring to that. I then used a dog lease to connect the 1st crossbar to the base. It stops the arm from flying up, and I get to use 2 hands on my binocs.








John Krawczak added a laser finder to his Celestron Skymaster 15 x 70 binoc setup at the suggestion of his son.    He reports " Your EZ BINOC MOUNT is a first-rate  low- cost design. It puts fun and comfort into binoc viewing.  I have already found that I can wrap a Velcro strap around the barrel of my binocs, securing my green laser pointer without any mechanical interference with the MOUNT. The laser beam lines up as-is to the middle part of the FOV and is secure enough in the MOUNT to allow pressing the ON button without the binocs shifting. Where I live near a metropolis even with a large FOV it is sometimes hard to find an obvious object of interest so the laser is useful. The included pix shows the laser on the binocs on the MOUNT."
















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